CSI continuously researches & develops new solutions for healthier and better living


CSI continuously researches & develops new solutions for healthier and better living.

Our technical panels gather the best innovative performances:

  • High strengthwind-loads, impacts, shearing at the highest levels
  • Lightweightfrom 2 lb./sf
  • Large sizes and thinnerthan any other similar product (up to 48” x 144” only 9/16” thick)
  • Easy to use on your designsto handle and to install, a large range of solutions are available for any application (vast technical library and personal service for qualified professionals)
  • Long lasting life cyclecycle without variations and aging
  • Excellent Mineral finish and always natural lookingplastic and organic free
  • Scratch resistance and Anti-graffiti
  • High acoustical insulation and noise barrier
  • Anti-microbial and chemical resistantExcellent for use in hospital’s and cleaning room environments.
  • High surface hardnessonly diamonds are harder
  • Mechanically reinforcedand suitable against hurricanes, earthquakes, explosions, bullet resistance and impact building protection (cannotcollapse)
  • Non-combustibleand standing at large range of temperatures from - 40 °C up to 120 °C; surface resist to 1200 °C and thermal shocks
  • Economical and lightweight so that they can be shipped anywhere, LEED’s compliant criteria
  • Same material is viable for all usesArchitectural, transportation facilities, aeronautical, naval, tunnels, facades, kitchens, bathrooms, elevator interiors, clean rooms, excellent alternative to other less resistant materials: wood, metal panels, plastics, cement composites, glass, tiles, etc. Both for new construction and renovation.

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