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Marbres, onyx, granites, travertines, limestones, all natural stones kinds reinforced by aluminum honeycomb, composites substrates or glass sheets.

The giant Ultra Lite Natural Stone Panels have 5 mm NATURAL STONE REINFORCED BY patented ALUMINUM HONEYCOMB, thickness goes from 10 mm to 60 mm.
Weight is only 15 kg/m2, density is less than water.

These Ultra Lite Natural Stone Panels are very resistant and durable; they are ideal for large projects because of economic production costs, personalizing, easy handling and erecting.

Used for Facades and Architectural Systems, Interiors, Design, Furniture, Doors, Elevator Cabs, bathrooms, Renovations, Shops, Lobbies, Yachts and Aircrafts, etc.

CSI is the technical world leader for manufacturing Ultra Lite Panels made of stone and other mineral surfaces.
We have had numerous successes throughout the world during our twenty-plus years of experience, thanks to our very effective project-study team, who are at the cutting edge of all new technology in our field.

Please, let CSI show you the way we put all of this to work and how much it will be of interest to you. Many more technical details are available from our technical department on our website

Thank you for contacting us about MegaStone®.

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